We are driving value creation for our partners by combining our team’s experience in building global businesses with novel, cutting-edge business models.


At DestinHaus Capital, we’re developing a new approach to private equity and venture capital in order to bring a more strategic mindset to investing.  By leveraging the strong relationships and industry expertise we have developed over several decades, we bring together unique groups of investors to build global businesses in high-value industries.

DestinHaus Capital was established in 2018 by the principals of DestinHaus, a strategy consulting firm based in San Ramon, California.  DestinHaus was founded in 2007 by a team with deep experience in the specialty chemicals space and has an established track record of building global businesses for its clients.  The principals of DestinHaus have founded DestinHaus Capital in order to partner closely with companies and execute strategic investments in the specialty chemicals industry.