DestinHaus is pleased to announce the launch of DestinHaus Capital, an investment firm focusing on the specialty chemicals industry. DestinHaus Capital’s mission is to leverage our relationships and expertise to invest in and partner with specialty chemicals companies. By developing innovative business models, we believe we can bring a more strategic mindset to investing and build stronger, more global businesses.

DestinHaus Capital is being launched by the principals of DestinHaus, a strategy consulting firm based in San Ramon, California. DestinHaus was founded in 2007 by a team with deep experience in the specialty chemicals space and has an established track record of building global businesses for its clients. Over 13 years in business, DestinHaus has built institutional expertise in this industry and strategic relationships across several high-value end markets, and will utilize these resources in DestinHaus Capital’s endeavors.

At DestinHaus, we pride ourselves on putting our clients first, and that is the driving force behind DestinHaus Capital. DestinHaus’ strategy implementation practice was built to address our clients’ need for a lean, agile, knowledgeable partner to support the execution of their strategies. However, we believe that executing inorganic growth initiatives requires a more hands-on approach. We have established DestinHaus Capital to deliver the speed and access to investment targets that our partners need, with a focus on the long-term vision and strategy required to build global businesses.

We look forward to discussing DestinHaus Capital with clients and potential partners as a new, innovative way of building specialty chemicals businesses on a global scale.